EDNAEDNA pledge to do our utmost to exist as a business in this world without impacting it negatively, and we want to have open conversations with our clients about how to make projects more planet friendly. We might not always get it exactly right, but we promise to try our darned hardest and implement additional processes as we grow and learn.

We are currently speaking to all existing and lots of potential suppliers about their green credentials to create an internal EDNAEDNA sustainability database that we will refer to for each and every project. This will help us rule out suppliers that we do not feel are doing enough to support our sustainability mission, and will enable us to be transparent with clients about the suppliers we are working with.

We will update this page with the final document produced. We'd love to chat to you about our sustainability promise and practices, and embrace any advice or information you might have to share with us.

To discuss in more detail, please drop us an email at